Capital Raising


Refinancing may be desired for both growing companies and established companies. Given the current state of the world’s financial markets, it is no surprise that a growing company may be alarmed that the financing that they have in place today may not be available tomorrow. Established companies might consider refinancing their corporate debt facilities should they feel that their current lenders credit capabilities are compromised, either now or by the time those lines mature. Companies looking for new facilities to refinance existing facilities may already have established banking relationships. Therefore, the key issue lies on the ability to receive independent advice. Moreover, it is important for a company to have a clear understanding of current market conditions to be able to negotiate the most appropriate financing terms.

If a company experiences a downgrade in credit rating, this could trigger the worsening of any existing financing for the company, along with making access to refinancing more expensive and complex.

Helios Capital assists companies confidentially in exploring corporate debt refinancing alternatives in order to replace current lenders. We believe that a company’s best interest may be to search and secure financing separately from (and not alongside) the current lender. Our knowledge of finance markets allows us to provide companies with clear analysis of their options and the impact to them of alternative funding routes. In addition, we offer advice in relation to refinancing short term finance with longer term banking or capital market structures with the intended result being an extension of the company’s debt maturity profile, increased certainty and range of funding options.