Merger & Acquisition

Buy Side Advisory

Helios Capital has undertaken numerous cases that require us to give advice on acquisition deals in Indonesia. In an area of expertise where familiarity with local practices is crucial, our team can be relied on when you are planning on buying a target company.

Is this your situation?

You have identified a target company and are now looking for a financial advisor who can handle acquisitions in Indonesia. You would prefer someone who has established strong relationships with a pool of investors and financiers, along with the relevant Indonesian government agencies at the central, provincial, and municipal levels.

How can we help?
Helios Capital’s Buy-Side Advisory Services extend to every stage of the transaction, including:

  • Identifying and evaluating potential cooperation partners, acquisition targets, or as well as strategic or financial investors.
  • Background check on the target.
  • Identification of key deal drivers and deal breakers, and the main actions to go forward.
  • Project evaluation and advice on transaction considerations, including development of a financial model.
  • Identification of structural issues that may affect the transaction.
  • Prepare presentation materials.
  • Negotiation.
  • Closing the deal.