Single Asset Distressed Situations

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Debt Restructuring

Single Asset Distressed Situations

Indonesia is seeing an increase in foreign direct investment. At the same time, investors interested in mainstream investment are seeking long term investments, and investors interested in alternative investments are seeking Non-Performing Loans along with other ‘under-valued’ investment opportunities. These opportunities are often special situations involving a single asset (such as a property development project) or companies requiring some form of bridging finance.

Helios Capital has experience in similar situations over the years. Coupled with our local connections and relationships, we are always aware of potential investment opportunities. As such, Helios Capital provides services such as:

  • Identifying, screening and summarizing suitable single asset investment opportunities for investors.
  • Working with the entity seeking finance to ensure they understand the investor’s investment requirements.
  • Providing pre-acquisition financial due diligence.
  • Developing acquisition and divestment structures that meet the needs of both parties.
  • Leading the transaction process through to closure.