Merger & Acquisition

M & A Strategy

Indonesia is a country full of opportunities as it has both an abundance of natural resources and the fourth largest population in the world. However, doing business in Indonesia, particularly for first time investors, is not without risk for those who are not well-versed with local business practices and customs. Existing sources of information are often inaccurate and/or incomplete. Without the benefit of experienced highly knowledgeable locally based Professional Advisors, investors’ efforts to complete acquisition or divestment transactions can become subjected to extensive delays and substantial additional costs.

Is this your situation?

You are a Corporate or Private Equity Investor requiring assistance with the development, execution, and implementation of your M&A strategies.

How HeliosCap can help?

HeliosCap can assist you by gathering and analyzing data to support entry decisions. In HeliosCap, our team is supported by individuals who possess a deep understanding of local business culture and practice so that we can help provide you with the data to support your entry strategy. This is what we call “inner consulting”, advice that is derived from our wide experience and profound understanding that differentiates our firm from others.

Typically we can offer the following services to support your new project in Indonesia:

  • Strategic objective assessment and validation
  • Identification and assessment of potential local partners
  • Market studies – assessing the size of the market, both now and in the future, in terms of volume, value, key product characteristics, growth rates, share of major players, and product evolution
  • Industry competition structure – understanding capacity issues, cost structure issues, and identifying the key success factors for market entry
  • Development of entry or expansion strategies: acquisition, alliance, or greenfield