Debt Restructuring

Non Performing Loans

Helios Capital is well-placed to provide Non-Performing Loans (NPL) services in Indonesia. The depth and breadth of our experience results in our unique insights into the loan valuation process that can greatly assist in portfolio evaluations and pricing discussions. We provide two services in relation to NPL, namely buy-side services and sell-side services.


Buy-side services

We offer comprehensive advisory services that can be tailored to individual circumstances, including:

  • Identifying potential portfolio investment opportunities.
  • Providing loan portfolio due diligence and valuation.
  • Advising on potential deal structures for proposed transactions.
  • Assisting in the conclusion of the deal.


Sell-side services
We can act as the financial advisor in relation to all aspects of NPL sales, which includes the complete management of the disposal process. The sell-side services encompass the following:

  • Preparation for sale: Portfolio review, classification and stratification; pooling and packaging sub-portfolios to maximize their potential value; advising on appropriate form of investor review files, including file content and information collation/organization; advising on appropriate marketing and disposal strategies; and preparation of confidential information memorandum.
  • Investor sourcing: Identifying potential investors for bilateral deals or public tenders; and targeting specialist investors for specific sub-portfolios/tranches.
  • Execution/Completion of sale: Management of the entire portfolio sales process; transaction structuring; designing appropriate bidding/sales procedures; overseeing investor contact, including Investor Invitation and Investor Qualification; evaluation of investment proposals; negotiate detailed terms; and co-ordinating the involvement of legal and other advisors.