Merger & Acquisition

Deal Origination

Helios Capital is one of the most active deal originators in Indonesia. We understand that network and reputation are vital in order to conclude successful deals. As such, we maintain a high level of awareness about all major acquisition and divestment activities occurring within Indonesia. Furthermore, we have established a reputation as a credible and reliable business partner.

Our team has a nationwide network which has been developed over time, including key Indonesian business owners, groups of companies, entrepreneurs and other potential investors.

Is this your situation?
You are looking to find a buyer or seller in the Indonesian market, and would like to identify and develop potential deals.

How can we help?

Our deal origination capability is enhanced through maintaining close relationships with both existing clients as well as prospective clients. Our partnerships with influential people throughout the Indonesian business community have proven to be an effective source of transactions. We assist our clients in identifying key investment criteria, along with the availability, attractiveness and portfolio synergy of the deal. Depending on the circumstances of the specific transaction, our associates are fully capable of acting for both buyers and sellers, tailoring our advice to suit your specific needs. Our Deal Origination services extend to all stages of the transaction, whether it is the opportunity identification, or the project evaluation, or to successfully closing the deal, we will be constantly working alongside our clients in every step of the way.

Our services in this area include:

  • Identifying potential counterparties and/or strategic partners.
  • Facilitating introductions to a pool of buyers and/or investors.
  • Determining financing availability in local market.

Providing target company assessments, including products, management, and relationships with all stakeholders.