Why Helios Capital

Work Life Balance

Helios Capital understands that the balance between work and life is extremely important for the well being of our associates. Therefore, we provide facilities and activities with the goal to ensure that our associates have a balanced work and personal life.

Helios Capital Facilities

Helios Capital provides certain facilities for its associates.

1. Pantry

Pantry in the office is free for the associates to use. There is free coffee all day and free snacks provided for our associates.

2. Library

Library in the office is provided for associates that require additional references for their projects. All the books can be borrowed for any of our associates.

3. Personal meeting rooms

Helios Capital provides meeting rooms that our associates can utilize to meet clients or discuss latest developments with team members.

4. Sports area

A small sports area is provided for associates to unwind and bond with other associates.

5. Lunch

Lunch can be brought to the office by the help of our employees. Our associates can rest easy that lunch is readily available in the office and its surroundings.

Helios Capital Activities

Joining Helios Capital means that you join a family. Here are the activities we hold for our associates.

1. Excursion

Helios Capital facilitates an excursion with all our associates.



2. Community service

Helios Capital encourages self development and provides the means for our associates to give back to the community.