Indolife becomes new shareholder in Bank Mega

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Indolife becomes new shareholder in Bank Mega

JAKARTA. PT Indolife Pensiontama (ILP) has become a new shareholder in PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA) with a 6.07% stake following a cross trade of over 422.807 million shares at the end of 2020.

According to a report published by the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (ICSD) on 4 January 2021, Indolife, the Salim Group’s insurance arm, currently owns 422,807,744 shares. With the purchase, Indolife currently owns a 6.07% stake in Bank Mega amounting to 6,963,775,206 shares since September 2020.

According to Bank Mega’s share ownership register on 10 December 2020, Mega Corpora owns a 58.01% stake in the company while public investors own 41.98%.

The purchase took place via three cross trade transactions amounting to 304,610,691, 22,624,595, and 95,572,458 shares respectively. Bloomberg data shows that the purchase was worth Rp 2.7 trillion in total.

With Indolife’s shares and transaction value, the average trasaction per share amounted to Rp 6,726.33 per share, below the market price of Rp 7,000 per share upon Indolife’s first cross trade on 28 December.

Source: IDN Financials | 14 January 2021

Indolife becomes new shareholder of Bank Mega