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Family Business Advisory

The founder of a company, also known as the “Founder” or “Patriarch,” is the one who built a business with a big vision, namely preserving the family business to the second generation and beyond. In this regard, the Founder has to draw up the governing rules for all family members in the form of a Family Constitution. The Family Constitution will act as the guidance for all family members, both who will take part in the management of the company or who won’t (shareholders only).

In order to maintain the Founder’s vision of preserving the family business, the Family Constitution will be developed to create corporate governance, which will include formulation of policies and guidelines; establishment of Family Advisory Board; establishment of Family Council; preparation of HR regulations; as well as determination of limits on the use of the family’s assets. On top of ensuring the continuity of the family business, the existence of the Family Constitution will also improve corporate governance so that it will contribute to future corporate actions such as corporate restructuring and IPO.

Team Profile

Our team is supported by highly qualified professionals, both in Corporate, Consulting and Education, with tens of years of accumulated experiences. We will develop the Family Constitution in a discreet manner to ensure it will give benefit and maintain the continuity of the family business for generations to come.

Hadi Cahyadi

Dr. Hadi Cahyadi, S.E., MBA, MCL is the Founder and the Managing Partner of Helios Capital. He holds a doctorate degree in management from Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta with a thesis “A Theory on Intergenerational Perpetuation of Large Family Business – The Importance of Parenting to Equip, Harmonizing to Prosper, and Collaborating to Endure”; a master’s degree in corporate law (MCL) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia; an MBA from the University of Houston – Clear Lake, Texas, USA; and a bachelor degree in Economics from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta. As a corporate finance professional, Hadi has more than 25 years of work experience, including 6 years in an international public accounting firm. Hadi’s intensive exposure in financial advisory fields such as M&A, fundraising, and debt restructuring has made Helios Capital one of the leading financial advisors in Indonesia. Hadi is also active as lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Tarumanagara University.

Antonius Tanan

Dr. Antonius Tanan, Ir, MBA, MSc, MA is an independent commissioner at PT Ciputra Development Tbk. and PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk. Antonius had worked at Ciputra Group for 31 years and retired at the end of 2018 to pursue his interests in online pedagogy learning, entrepreneurship education, and family/parenting training. As part of his passion, Antonius is active in several education institution under Ciputra, namely serves as advisor for K12 School Development and Higher Education at Ciputra Education Foundation and serves as senior advisor to the Family Business Studies Program and heads the UC Family Business Community, which consists of more than 500 students and alumni from across Indonesia at Ciputra University (UC). Antonius was graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University (Ir), Prasetya Mulya School of Business (MBA), University College London (MSc), University of Connecticut (MA), and Athabasca University (Ed.D.).

Jacob D.Tan

Dr. Jacob Donald Tan was grown up in a family business background and until now his career still revolves around family businesses. He spent most of his time in Singapore and Dallas, Texas (USA). Jacob has professional experiences in several companies and his roles including Deputy Manager of a real estate management firm, a family company based in Dallas, Texas; Director of an international school in Jakarta; Director of a commodity and mineral trading company in Indonesia; Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship (UPH); and Head of Management Department at Business School (UPH). His specializations are Family Business, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. Jacob earned his doctorate degree from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Jakarta, with a thesis “Ethnic Chinese Succession Challenge in Family Small-Medium Enterprises: Nurturing Transgenerational Entrepreneurship in Indonesia”.

Winanto Wiryomartani

Dr. Winanto Wiryomartani, S.H., M.Hum. is one of the senior notaries in Indonesia. Winanto has gained more than 35 years of experience as a public notary and has earned the trust of many Chinese businessmen in Indonesia, including helping to formulate agreements between family members to prevent conflicts between family members in the future. His clients include large companies in Indonesia. He is active in notary organizations and currently serves as Deputy Chairman of the Notary Central Supervisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia. He is also a lecturer at Trip Advocaten en Notarissen and a lecturer at the Notary Masters at the University of Indonesia. Mr. Winanto obtained a Dr degree in Law from Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta.