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Tokopedia acquires BrideStory and ParentStory



JAKARTA, – Tokopedia CEO William Tanuwijaya announced the acquisition of a company engaged in the marriage directory vendor, Bridestory and child activity marketplace, ParentStory today, Wednesday (06/19/2019).

“What I can announce today is that BrideStory and ParentStory were fully acquired by Tokopedia. Tokopedia wants to help more offline businesses without having to go online, then we see wedding vendors. That’s why we talk to BrideStory and ParentStory until the acquisition process,” William said in Jakarta, Wednesday (06/19/2019).

William also announced, the founder of BrideStory Kevin Mintaraga will join fully in Tokopedia’s management as one of the Vice Presidents. “The founder and CEO of Kevin Mintaraga will also join in the management of Kopedia as one of the vice presidents,” William said. Also read: Tokopedia Make It Easy for Everyone to Become an Influencer But, said William, this acquisition will not change the business scheme of BrideStory or ParentStory. The same concept as Google acquires Youtube, BrideStory and ParentStory can still develop a business without changing the business focus. “There is no change, so Bridestory continues to develop its products. Surely this will be a richer ecosystem. For example, even though Youtube is acquired by Google, Youtube still provides video content. The difference is, when we type keywords on YouTube, Youtube videos appear,” explained William.

William revealed, until now his side is still looking for the best approach from the acquisition results for vendors and Tokopedia itself. But clearly, Tokopedia will still be a Tokopedia, Bridestory and ParentStory application that will still be Bridestory and ParentStory. “In terms of product integration, we are still looking for the best approaches for vendors and Tokopedia. Will the services be in the Tokopedia application or what, we are looking for the best approach,” William said. Later with this collaboration, William hopes that the BrideStory Ecosystem and ParentStory in Tokopedia can be utilized by the community and vice versa. “With this collaboration, the Bridestory and Parentstory ecosystems on Tokopedia can be used by consumers, the public, and vendors in BrideStory and ParentStory. In contrast, the Bride story and ParenStory ecosystem will be present in the Tokopedia ecosystem,” William hoped.


Kompas | 16 June 2019

Tokopedia umumkan akuisisi BrideStory dan ParentStory